Lawrence Howard, Storyteller and Speaker

Lawrence Howard

There are all kinds of master craftsmen in the world. But Lawrence Howard is a master at crafting stories.

He weaves together facts and the moments from real-life into passionate and poignant stories that expose profound shared memories of the human heart, making connections that are not soon forgotten. Lawrence is a meticulous researcher who creates and tells stories about real people that he admires and who inspire him; people like Ernest Shackleton, Douglas Mawson, and even his dad, Marty Howard, the original Armchair Adventurer.

Lawrence shares stories about his own life, his family, and his adventures in the world. Stories that strike a chord, deep inside. These are stories about those things in life that we all know; sometimes we want to forget, but often Lawrence's stories remind us of who we are and what matters. When you hear Lawrence's stories, you'll feel like you know him. Sometimes you even feel like you know yourself better.

Lawrence has a rare sense of humor and a special fondness for Bob Dylan's music. Why at any moment in one of his personal stories, he might croon a tune of Bob's with wild abandon. May the narrative be with you.

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